industrial hygiene services

Chemical Monitoring

Chemical, Dust (respirable/inhalable/total), fibers (including asbestos), vapors, welding fumes, aerosols etc....

noise & Vibration

Personal noise monitoring, Area noise, Noise mapping, Noise & Vibration control, Vibration whole body and hand arm....

Ventilation Study

Ventilation study, Industrial ventilation system design, effectiveness of ventilation systems, LEV design, ....


Ergonomics assessment methods includes RULA, REBA, NLI, RAPP, BRIEF survey, Office ergonomics, Employee surveys etc....

Specialized Services

Special HSE services like Indoor air quality (IAQ), PPEs-fit testing, PPE & RPE advice and guidance, HSE data analsis...

iH audit

Qualitative & Quantitative health exposure assessment, industrial hygiene audit, industrial hygiene management implementation...

industrial hygiene instrument available for sell or rent

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